Diana Cortes


Personal Biography

Dr. Cortes enjoys running, climbing, and camping with her husband.


University of Washington; Seattle, WA


Environmental Health and Chemistry; University of Washington; Seattle, WA


“Patients can expect to be treated as the individuals they are. Their lives don’t revolve around their dental work. I want to incorporate their oral health needs into their priorities in a way that’s easy, comfortable, and will enrich their overall well-being.”

Personal Favorites

Dr. Cortes’ favorite book is Once a Runner.

Volunteer Experience

Clinic Director - 45th Street Clinic for homeless youth, Junior League, Denver, Junior League, New York


American Academy of Gold Foil Operators Achievement Award, Donald E. Compaan Service Award, Dean Karl-Ake Omnell Endowment, Psi Omega Award, Pierre Fauchard Academy award, University of Washington Dental Alumni Association Award, Kellogg Diversity Award, Maurice J. Hickey Award