Team Member

Diana Cortes


Education & Credentials

University of Washington; Seattle, WA


Environmental Health and Chemistry; University of Washington; Seattle, WA


Patients can expect to be treated as the individuals they are. Their lives dont revolve around their dental work. I want to incorporate their oral health needs into their priorities in a way thats easy, comfortable, and will enrich their overall well-being.

Personal Favorites

Dr. Cortes favorite book is Once a Runner.

Volunteer Experience

Clinic Director - 45th Street Clinic for homeless youth, Junior League, Denver, Junior League, New York

Personal Biography

Dr. Cortes enjoys running, climbing, and camping with her husband.


American Academy of Gold Foil Operators Achievement Award, Donald E. Compaan Service Award, Dean Karl-Ake Omnell Endowment, Psi Omega Award, Pierre Fauchard Academy award, University of Washington Dental Alumni Association Award, Kellogg Diversity Award, Maurice J. Hickey Award